Rockland County

Located on the west side of the Hudson River, Rockland County is
rated as one of New York’s best counties to live in, especially if you
have a family.

With A+ public schools, affordable housing, and over 30% of its
population of 326,780 people under the age of 18, Rockland’s fresh
and vibrant communities have all the amenities of the City without
the hassle, overcrowding or stress.


Orange County

With us at your side, it’s always a seller’s market. Thanks to intelligent estimates, easy listing, expert advice, and licensed seller representation, you are destined to make the mosOrange County has several cities and villages that are unique in their own right. The county’s more than 375,000 residents regularly enjoy nature trails, wineries, horse racing, stock car racing, county fairs, and competitive football and cheerleading leagues for the kids.

You won’t run out of things to do or see, with the best blend of family, diversity, fun, and excitement outside Manhattan. Visit the US Military Academy at West Point or go see the birthplace of Velveeta Cheese. It’s all just a few minutes from home.t of your next move.


Sullivan County

When you live in Sullivan County, you always feel like you’re on vacation. Sullivan’s many communities enjoy proximity to New York City while feeling untethered and free to soar. No wonder you see so many eagles flying free over the Delaware River.

If that’s not enough, ask any of the almost 75,000 county residents: living in the Catskill Mountains is love at first sight.


Ulster County

Ulster County is roughly the size of Rhode Island, extending from the foothills of the Catskills to the banks of the Hudson. With a population of 179,225 people, space is a commodity. But you won’t miss the City, guaranteed.

That’s because Ulster County is rich with history, cultural diversity, beautiful architecture, magnificent views and activities, vibrant nightlife and timeless charm. If you’re looking for a loft that’s twice the size and half the rent of one anywhere in the five boroughs, come home to Ulster.


Dutchess County

If you’re looking for the right mix of family-friendly communities,
housing affordability, quality of education, nightlife, City access, natural
areas and ethnic diversity, Dutchess County is the place to be.

With 70% of its 300,000 residents owning their homes, you can rest
assured that your neighbors care about preserving their quality of life
and are invested in a strong sense of community.


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